'War' first teaser is here: Hrithik & Tiger together

War' first teaser is here: Hrithik & Tiger together
Tiger Shroff chasing Hrithik Roshan

'WAR' Highlights:

  • The movie is shooted in 6 countries and the other 14 cities.
  • Tiger trained for the action sequence of Lee film for two months.
  • Most of the scenes are shot in foreign countries.
  • The old look of Hrithik's hair is white, wrinkles in the eye's side.
  • Color tone, thrilling shades, and background movie scenes also make a thrill feel.

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'WAR' first teaser 2019

Waiting is over to watch Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff together. This is the first together movie of Bollywood action actors- Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan. The First Teaser of 'War' has been released, and the teaser is very actionable and peoples are crazy to watch it. In this teaser, Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff are showing Amazing action, and they have tremendous treatment for their fans. Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan (#HrithikVsTiger) are showing their action or fighting scenes on bikes to planes.

Yash Raj film also features Vani Kapoor with Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. The film will release on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti i.e. on October 2, 2019. There are international level action in the film, and it is really amazing to see Tiger and Hrithik pair doing the action together. Tiger Shroff is seen following Hrithik Roshan in several scenes of the teaser.

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'WAR' movie scenes and shots

  • Thirsty scenes: In the first glimpse of the movie, Hrithik and Tiger are seen to be thirsty for each other's blood. In an aggressive way, these two have been behind to kill each other.
  • High action scene on the Bike: In this scene, Tiger jumps from his bike and raises Hrithik from his bike on the speed of 150 km, and both of them enter in a showroom with breaking the glass gate of the showroom.
  • Chase Scenes is life: Like every action film, Chasing Scenes will also become the USP of the movie. Tiger chasing to the Hrithik will continue on the rooftops of the sky, the seas, cities, streets, and houses.
  • Beautiful locations: The movie is shooted at places like Spain, Georgia, Sweden, and Portugal. The beautiful scenes will also be seen in the film.
  • The presence of Vani: A hot look of Vani Kapoor is likely to see in the movie. It's hard to say that she is only for a showpiece or a big role of her in the movie.
  • Action scenes in the air: The collision of both continues with the land in the sky as well.  Hrithik and Tiger seem to be stunting on an airplane to kill each other. There will be many challenges in the film with breathless scenes, as well as the lives of the Stuntsman's will also be on stake.

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