Free Fire new update | Free Fire OB-17 Update Leaks Full Details

Free Fire new update | Free Fire OB-17 Update Leaks Full Details
Free Fire OB-17 Update 

To be very soon the update of Garena Free Fire is coming. In this update, we are going to get different types of updates like in-game updates, map updates, a new character, event updates and many more. We are going to discuss all the updates in the Article but make sure these updates are confirmed or not, but the information that we have of OB-17 update can not be ignored that they are not likely to see in the new updates.

Note:- According to the information the update will available on 15th August 2019. 

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Free Fire new update: New Vehicle

In this update, you will get to see a new vehicle that will be a buggy type vehicle.  If you guys have played or seen PUBG, then for sure you have seen this buggy in PUBG. Now, Garena Free Fire is going to launching the buggy in the upcoming new update.

Free Fire new update: New Map

In Free Fire OB-17 update the company launching a new map which related to Desert and it is declared by Garena in Elite Pass15 trailer. The Desert map means the Lamborghini is not going to run on the Desert surface and other vehicles such as motorbike and cars also not able to run on the Desert surface. To solve this issue, the free fire company has to modify the motors bike and cars or they will have to release some sports bike or cars which run on Desert surface also there is a high chance to see buggy in this map.

Free Fire new update: New Character

According to our information in the OB-17 update, there is a new character that is likely to see and that character is different from other characters. On the other hand, there is information about skills slots of characters. After the update, the slots of characters will increase up to 4 which means your per character have 4 skill slots.

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Free Fire new update: Event Update

Recently a clip is leaked by Garena in which the desert map view is likely to see and it mean the desert map is confirmed for sure. As well as some events are also coming in this update. A lion face is likely to see in this clip which is made of sand and which gives the hint of a big event. Maybe in this event, we have to collect the lion face badge by which we get the rewards in the form of Outfit bundles, gun skins, Profile posters, and many more rewards are likely to see.

List of Free Fire new update

We have listed some other confirmed or unconfirmed upcoming updates in the OB-17 update


  1. 4 vs 4 Game Mode
  2. New Background Music
  3. New Incubator
  4. New Gold Royale
  1. New Weapons
  2. New Functions
  3. New Graphics
  4. New Climates
  5. Changes in Bermuda
  6. Cover Bug Removal

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